New Blog Post: Multiple Streams of Agency Income

Multiple Streams of Agency Income

Diversify Your Sources of Revenue and Create Stability for Your Agency

A mentor of mine, Andrea J. Lee, wrote a classic called "Multiple Streams of Coaching Income", which inspired me to explore how my agency Visify and other agencies have diversified our income streams. 

If you are like most agency owners, you spend a lot of time creating proposals, responding to RFPs, attending pitch meetings… you know the drill.

What I’m going to share with you today is not the way to end all of that (see my other post on this), but it is a way to diversify your business away from total reliance on what I call “done for you” services. Done for you services are where when you sell stuff, you have to do stuff - like graphic or web design, marketing, SEO, copywriting, etc.

The most successful agencies have more than just “done for you” services in their offerings. There are a few reasons for that.

First, diversification in your income is always...

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What Is (Really) Stopping You?

This post originally appeared on my agency blog (Visify), here.

When they are about to make a big investment in their business, most people think:

“I’m a smart person… What if I hold off and try to do it myself first instead?”

I hear this all the time in sales conversations.

What they often conveniently forget is that even when trying it themselves “worked” before (which it rarely did), it took them way longer than it should have. (While other opportunities in their business and life were sidelined.)

Most times, instead of “trying”, what they really did was sit on that great idea for a bit longer… and end up not doing anything.

Looking back at those missed opportunities, most people will realize that it came down to a lack of trust.

Not a lack of trust in the one offering the opportunity, but lack of trust in themselves.

Put another way… There are two kinds of people…

The kind of person who takes advantage...

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