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Four (Subtly) Toxic Partners - And How To Detoxify Them

One year, almost to the day, after joining a certain startup as a partner and founder, I was asked out to a drink by my business partner and co-founder.

We had grabbed a drink many times over the past couple years since we met, but I could tell from his tone that today’s drink was different. In fact, today was the day that he would tell me my “services were no longer needed”.

You see, we had just received a second round of funding and as the “gray hair” in this tech startup (I was 44 at the time, so yeah), my role was apparently obsolete. I was kept around just long enough to get us to funding - it had gotten that bad.

This relationship, which started out so great, hadn’t been working for a while, and I just didn’t want to admit it - I believed so much in what we were creating.

Had I known what I’m about to share with you, though, I might have been able to either avoid this partnership in the first place, or better manage it to...

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