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Will You Lead or Will You Follow?

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I am going to take a guess that when you saw that word, you instantly thought of the behemoth founded by Jeff Bezos rather than the jungle or the largest river in the world.  

It is a true testament to how expansive and successful Amazon has become. With the recent purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon continues to grow and innovate itself in brand new ways.  

If you jump in the time machine back to 1995, though, you would find a whole different Amazon (and way too many people wearing stonewashed jeans). It’s almost hard to remember that Amazon, when it launched, only sold books.

Books. On paper.

Fast forward and Amazon now is the “everything and anything” store and that is because of the vision - and risk-taking - of Jeff Bezos.  

Even in 1997 - when they were selling $400,000 worth of books per day! - Bezos wasn’t content with the initial success of Amazon because he...

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