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Client Number One

This post originally appeared on my agency blog (Visify), here.

Do you remember the thrill of getting your first client?

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or otherwise sell to clients, I know you do.

You remember it in as much detail as you remember other big transformational moments in your life, maybe even more.

Because that first client transforms your hobby or your passion into a business.

That first client validates all the hard work, the patience, the budgeting, the training.

That first client makes everything real.

I signed my very first client as an entrepreneur in 1996. A huge company in the oil industry data analysis business (yeah, that’s a thing) hired this eager 20-something with no experience to build their very first website.

They paid me $1,500 down, which I used to buy my first computer (yep, until then I was working on a computer borrowed from a friend) … and I got to work hand-coding HTML and creating images in Photoshop.

Oh man, was that site awful by today’s standards (or maybe by any standards). But my client loved it, and this entrepreneur was born.

Fast forward to today (via many twists and turns) and our agency is no longer doing websites but creating the marketing campaigns that power other businesses. Now we get to share in the vicarious thrill of our clients’ successes: their first clients – or, more often, their first client from their work with us.

I just experienced that thrill yesterday when a new client of ours landed her first client from a campaign that we had just launched for her. It had barely run for 24 hours when **ka-ching** a sale came through!

When you are in the business of serving clients, whether as a coach, a consultant, or an agency like us, I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience.

Like my first client loving their new website, or our client snagging her first client from our campaign, is there anything more satisfying?

I mean, in this business, you’re only as successful as your clients – and the more successful they are, the more successful you’ll be.

The next time you struggle to pick up the phone, or think of bailing on that networking event, or hesitate to launch your next (or first) ad campaign, I encourage you to think of this instead: how satisfying it will be to sign your next client, and how much they need you to propel their success.

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