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I am a speaker, leader & trainer, devoted to helping all business owners grow consciously & live the life they desire. 

Meet Jim

Conscious Sales & Leadership Strategist

I have created five businesses, including two web design/development agencies, a marketing agency, a video production agency and a document processing agency. One folded, two were bought out and the others provided - and continue to provide - a great living.

In the process, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t - for business success and my own personal satisfaction and peace of mind.

Now, I’m committed to showing agency (and other service business) owners, like you, how to avoid my painful mistakes, shortcut your learning curve and begin operating your business consciously from day one. (That last one will make all the difference, I promise you.)

If you have ever thought you couldn’t do it, the decks were stacked against you or any number of other reasons why not, I will challenge you to turn those into your reasons why to.

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